Cymru Travel Challenge

About the Challenge

Cymru Travel Challenge runs from 1st to 31st of July, 2017.

The aim of the challenge is to get as many people as possible travelling sustainably for local journeys.

It's great fun and we'll be giving out loads of prizes along the way.

You can compete as a workplace, as part of a sub-team, which might be your department, or on your own. All you have to do is register and start logging your journeys.

Which journeys count?

The aim of the challenge is to reduce the number of journeys made by car as a solo occupant and in doing so increase physical activity. Any journey can be logged to increase your team's total. These could include your commute to work; taking the kids to school; a trip to the shops or in your leisure time. Every journey counts!

To take part you'll need to log your journeys by foot, bike, public transport and car share and the more journeys you log, the higher up the leaderboard you'll go.

How to log a journey

  1. Open your profile page
  2. Click the 'log a journey' Button
  3. Log your journey

If you travel to work using more than one mode of transport you can log each stage of as a separate journey.

If you have any questions about the challenge you can contact us here: CymruTravelChallenge@sustrans.org.uk