Cymru Travel Challenge


Lovely walk - despite the rain showers. And every little helps!

Enjoying not worrying about getting a parking space, parking off site getting the bus up and walking down.

Suffered my second soaking this week while cycling but still feeling great.

Cycled to work for the first time, got a bit more lost and sweaty than I predicted, but feel great today and looking forward to getting familiar with the route.

Commute to and for work on foot 5 days a week.

Cycle for Bryncoch Bombers Cycling club 1-2 times a week and take part in the odd Sportive and Crit race.

I was on holiday for two weeks this month so gutted that my profile is low on trips. Loving the cycling and walking and not missing the fight for a parking space at all!

cycle to work on my bike which I bought on the cycle to work scheme -battery assisted is even better as it takes some of the effort away when cycling home up Penylan Hill!

Set myself a 200 mile target and happy to be over half way. Fingers crossed I smash that target over the remaining 10 days.

I feel healthier, livelier & more awake each day

Walking everywhere has really toned up my legs

50% of my target journeys completed! Volunteering to do everyone's errands to get to my target!

started to think twice be for I use the car for work. go swimming 3 times a week started to swim longer.

the poor dog has been having longer walks while down the caravan where we go every week end.

loosing 1 to 2 pounds a week doing this and slimming world. hoping to get to target before our holidays.

I play 'spot the multi-occupancy car' game as I ride my bike into work. I count the number of cars in the queue that have only one person in. I reset the running tally when I come across a car with more than one occupant. Today my total was 26 - 26 cars in a row all with only one person in.

Why is it always quieter on the roads on the Friday commute? Consistently fewer cars on the road on my pedal in on a Friday - almost the same reduction as you see when the school holidays are on.

Shocked how much money I have saved in just 1 week from car sharing!

Got soaked cycling back after work on Monday. Dried out my shoes and shorts over the top of the Rayburn. Dry by Tuesday morning.

Done my first jog home for 3 months yesterday, plus back into work, legs are feeling it today, not looking forward to cycling home!!

walked to work as joined feel fine campaine

35 journeys done out of my target of 150 for the challenge! Looks like I'm going to have to up my game to be in with a chance of reaching my target!

Nice lunchtime walk to town today looking for a Greggs that sells bread - you'd think a shop that sells sandwiches etc would sell bread?